The "Rocking horse puzzlebox"
    • Designer
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Craftsman
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Category
      • Discovery sequence puzzle
    • No of pieces
      • Tools that are discovered in the solution process
    • Woods used
      • body:mahogany-kotibe,
      • rockers:muteneye,ebony- tail bucket:liba
    • As usual the name of the puzzle is very much involved with the The goal of the puzzle. The horse doesn;t rock in the bigining because the legs are touching the ground.Hence the goal of the puzzle is to move down the rockers so the horse can be able to rock! I try that in all my puzzle boxes so there is some sort of a meaning on the physical appearance of the designed puzzle. In the solution process the puzzle involves sliding moves, maze moves, tools,placing pieces, keys and more!At the end there is a nice surprise for the player too! This is my 6th box type puzzle. I know i have said that before but, i am encouraged from people to make puzzle boxes.(and when possible, geometry puzzles in between) It was so, so happy that this puzzle design Won the 'Puzzlers Top Ten Vote Award' prize in the International Puzzle design Competition 2017 IPP37 in Paris-France
      Because i was attending the competition,it was fun watching people playing and some times i was surprised by the methods they descovered! See more pics of the "Rocking Horse" puzzle.or Back to puzzle index.